Monday, January 21, 2013

wife swap.

So I got caught up watching a wife swap marathon today...which of course got me thinking about what would happen if I were to ever be on the show.

I'd most likely end up in a family full of religious, gun toting, bible reading people with a husband who does most of the household chores while the mother a huge lavish house, who thinks race car driving in a sin, and has absolutely no social life.

And the woman who ended up here would be thrown into a world of endless house work, playing referee between to unruly children (who break everything), being the maid of the entire house, going on late night crazy adventures with a crew full of car fanatics, stuffed into a little two bedroom apartment.

And I'm not even sure what that kind of family could teach me. Maybe a more "wholesome" lifestyle...or maybe more patience, (most days, I have none). Maybe she could teach me how to make a schedule, and stick to it...or maybe how to be more organized? I'm definitely not sure what ANY woman could learn from me. Maybe how to have more fun? Learn how to carry a pair of slicks up a flight of stairs? Learn what a supercharger looks like? Learn how to let her kids be kids? I'm really not sure.

I'd miss my crazy life. I get caught up daydreaming about all the material things I wish I had, and all the money in the world, and what I would do with it...and even if I got to pretend that was my life for two weeks, I'd miss my humble little life. As much as I hate talking about cars, and all their dumb mods, I'd miss talking with Dan about that late at night. I'd miss making food for my family. I'd miss picking up my kids mess...hell, I'd even miss putting my kids in the corner, and getting nighttime snuggles.

Although it would be pretty rad to go life a lavish life. But with my luck, the other family would suck, and be cheesy and lame as hell. And wouldn't get my life at all. I think I live a really good, fun little life with my husband, and my kids. We always find something fun to do, even when there's nothing to do. Dan and I are really fun, and laugh ALL the time. The other husband would probably be super uptight, and not get a joke. I can call Dan all types of names, and pick on him constantly, and he just gets it, and we can have a great time. And the new wife would probably be so structured and crazy, and drive everyone in my house crazy.

I think at the rules change, the first thing that would change for Dan, would be he's not allowed to talk about car related things anymore, and he has to learn how to do the dishes. (Which, would be okay...for a little while.)  But then that wouldn't be "us" anymore. She'd probably make him learn how to cook, and how to do more housework than just taking out the garbage...and I think how nice that would probably be at first, but I'd get bored of that.

I like my house, my rules, and most importantly, my husband just the way they all are. I wouldn't want for anyone else to come in here and tell us how to live. I don't think I'd be open to trying anything new...which could probably make for great show ratings because I'd most likely be raising hell the entire time. (And knowing my husband, he'd probably be doing the same thing over here in my absence...) I think I couldn't ever let myself be in that situation, because I wouldn't appreciate it, or want to learn from it. I don't like people telling me that my ways are wrong. And to most families, or people, my life might be wrong. I might be making every parental mistake there could possibly be. And many other wives might think the way that I support Dan's car stuff is dumb, and I shouldn't encourage his behavior when it comes to all the racing he likes doing... but this is my life. And I'm so happy this is my life. I love all the time I get to spend with everyone in my family. I love the things we do together. As much as I get tired of playing pit crew to my husband, and losing an entire closet to car stuff, and tires...I'm glad this is what we do. I love the way my life is. And I really wouldn't want to walk in anyone else's shoes...and I wouldn't want anyone else in my house telling me I am wrong.

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