Monday, January 28, 2013

Not a single pound...

I have not gained ONE SINGLE POUND since my journal started last May. NOT ONE! That means, all 53 pounds that I have lost since then...not one has managed to find it's way back onto my body. :)

I have found finally the secret to balancing. I am able to eat foods I still like to eat, in moderation. I am not actively "dieting" anymore, but I am not constantly splurging, either. For the first three months all I did was diet, diet, and more dieting. Then, I started slowing eating other foods, just once in a while. Now, I think I have finally figured out how to eat what I want, and still maintain my weight loss. 

And that's an amazing feeling. I don't have to worry as much as I did before. My last weigh in (about a week ago, the scale said 127) so that means that I have not had to watch myself so closely. I didn't want to "shock" my body into just thinking that raw foods, and diet food was all I would give it, because for some reason, I was afraid that I wouldnt ever be able to eat anything "normal". But I guess, most importantly, I did what most would call a "lifestyle" change.

Because honestly, the "secret" of losing weight, really isnt a huge secret. Don't eat as much, and you won't weigh as much. But that doesnt mean to deprive yourself of foods you really want to eat. It means, "have a slice of pizza...but not three." "have a french fry...but not 100" just being completely careful of every calorie you're eating.

And what most people don't realize, is that your day's biggest calorie consumption, is what you're drinking. There are SO many calories in teas, sodas, juices...and people don't realize that because most think "well its a drink, no biggie" but it is!! You have to consider your calorie intake even with what you're drinking. I found that when I stopped drinking so much sweet tea, I not only felt better, but the weight started almost melting off. I exchanged sweet tea for diet sodas, water, flavored water (be careful with these, some have ALOT of calories) & gatorades. Less calories, but still satisfied my sweet tooth. I can't drink plain water...too much of it is way too boring, for me.

I also became aware of what I was eating while out in a restaurant. Instead of getting something full of fats, and a huge portion..I'll either get something small, or still order something full of fat, but watch how much of it I'm eating. Too many times in the past I would sit down in a restaurant, and eat EVERYTHING on my plate because I didnt care, or was too distracted by conversation. Now, I'm lucky if I eat even a half of whats on my plate. I'm more aware. This is the biggest thing that is going to keep you going. You need to watch yourself. 

I can with complete honesty say, that I DO not snack often, or ever, really. I don't eat while watching TV throughout the day. I don't eat before I go to sleep anymore. More aware. I find other things to do with my hands so I don't feel tempted. I have fun apps on my phone to keep me distracted...I play with my kids...I cook stuff for other people. I eat my three square meals a day, and thats that. I do not sneak food like I used to. I cut all those bad habits out.

I learned how to control myself. For me, this has become second nature, the little tricks i've taught myself. It keeps me motivated. And I love looking at myself in the mirror. I'm so excited (for the first time in a LONG time) to go bikini shopping for summer! I can't wait to get myself into one of those itty bitty bikinis with the tie up sides. (I havent owned one since high school). As soon as I see myself in something like that, I'm going to feel like all this has been worth it. 

I seriously cannot wait. And I'm sorry for bragging...but dammit I'm so proud of myself. For the first time ever, I have self control. I have a body that I'm proud of. And I just feel really damn good!


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